AIRBAND is a collaboration between designer Nick Graham, an innovator who’s well known for founding iconic brands such as Joe Boxer, and Global Brands Group, one of the world’s leading branded apparel, footwear and accessories,and brand management companies.

The collaboration combines the marketing and design innovation of Graham with GBG’s global distribution and marketing infrastructure to take a proactive approach of creating technologically advanced products that can mitigate adverse respiratory health effects caused by climate change and population growth.

AIRBAND® is working with healthcare workers, firefighters, science researchers and environmental groups in an ongoing process to deliver the highest quality products based on market needs. The initial product offerings include face coverings and apparel. Going forward the company will expand the brand into other categories such products as home filtration, window coverings and other areas where effective filtration is needed.

The company is also expanding internationally into key markets in Asia and Europe in Spring 2021.

If you have any questions, amazing ideas or would like to partner with us, contact us at breathe@airbandmask.com

about global brands group holding limited

As one of the world’s leading branded apparel, footwear and accessories, and brand management companies, Global Brands Group Holding Limited (SEHK Stock Code: 787, the “Group”) aims to impact the world with brands people love. The Group designs,develops, markets and sells products across a wide range of categories under a diverse array of owned and licensed brands. With innovative design capabilities, a strong brand management focus and strategic vision, the Group is able to create new market opportunities and product categories for brands on a global scale. In addition, the Group is the global leader in the brand management business through its joint venture with Creative Artists Agency, CAA-GBG.

about nick graham

Award-winning marketer and renowned fashion designer Nick Graham has accomplished success by upending the status quo. As founder and Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer, Graham changed the face of fashion when he turned Joe Boxer into one of America’s most popular lifestyle brands — all without advertising. In 2014, Graham launched his eponymous line of contemporary Menswear.

Graham coined the phrase "The Brand is the Amusement Park, the Product is the Souvenir” and uses this philosophy in everything he does. Graham was one of the first clothing designers on the internet who installed the world’s largest e-mail in New York’s Times Square, and did the first live-streaming fashion show with Microsoft from an airplane hangar in Iceland.He staged the first transatlantic runway show 30,000 feet above Greenland with Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson (while both were dressed in drag as flight attendants), attempted to put a giant bow tie on the Statue of Liberty by suspending it from a helicopter, holds the unofficial record for the World's Fastest Fashion Show (1.2 seconds by Human Cannonball) and staged a presentation for his eponymous brand in a tank with 40 man-eating sharks in Las Vegas. He holds the record for the highest point a pair of underwear has been alone, (120,000 feet by single thrust rocket), has had Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye model his collection through a virtual Martian landscape, and was the major sponsor of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary at Kennedy Space Center in 2019 where he raised over $100,000 for STEM education.

With AIRBAND, Graham combines his product design experience with his interest in science to address the increasing demand for respiratory protective clothing and accessories.

AIRBAND is a business built not on today’s headlines, but in anticipation of tomorrows.” Graham says.

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